We organise community events in collaboration with @Eurydice_Global to promote sustainable brands, and ecological lifestyle through workshops, talks and activties such as recycling & up-cycling workshops, permaculture talk, African Dance, discussions around sustainability, and sustainable technologies. We host NGOs to help them spreading their messages.

The gathering took place in a fully recycled and up-cycled sanctuary in South Bali and it's made by ëCollabo8. This sanctuary constructed of vivid visions & silent whispers, overactive imaginations, the best of intentions, less than stellar execution is a labor of love & a work of art in progress. Peaceful Buddha sitting tall above the front door greets your arrival to the Island of Gods. Upon entering the venue you will see Shiva standing guard behind the fire pit with compassion in his smile and the strength of the tiger in his eyes. We  provided recycled ocean and river plastics. Pura8ochO is an art piece and definitely the right spot for environmental friendly activities. 

While 20% of the income of the gathering went to the local orphanage, all day we hosted kids and created with them. Kids played with ëCollabo8 recycled ocean plastic puzzles, painted with edible homemade paints, made collages with plastic waste, leaves & flowers, and played with animals in the pet zoo such as turtles, rabbits and chickens.