From Vision to Mission

As ëCollabo8, we have 5 points of actions we are addressing both with our community and business activites.

These can be grouped as the following:

  • Reduce plastic waste
  • Educate future generations
  • Build strong local communities & partnerships
  • Find innovative environmental solutions
  • Empower women

What is the Problem?

In Southern Bali alone, the quantity of sold waste produced exceeds 240 tonnes everyday. About 33,000 tons of plastic ends up in the ocean directly, 2 millon tons of plastic ends up in landfills. Not only is it displeasing to the eye, it also poses major health risks to people, and to our environment.

In Indonesia, plastic waste is often burnt in public places. Emissons from burnt waste have been related to many major health concerns and contribute to the effects of global warming. Some of the health concerns related to these emissions include increased cancer rates, mutations in the development of the male reproductive system, immune system malfunctions, reproductive/birth defects, kidney disease, and many respiratory illnesses.

Waste can also contaminate local waterways and affect marine life. Inapproprate waste management is a widespread issue throughout Indonesia. It is an issue that must be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further damage and save our most valuable resource, the envronment.


We stand for change

ëCollabo8 was created to reduce plastic waste through re- and upcycling plastic waste.
We buy and collect trash from around Bali and repurpose it to something more valuable. We believe real change can be achieved through educating the youth and empowering the community.

A #ZEROWASTE lifestyle

We inspire to bring communites together and collaborate with as many people as possible in order to reach a common objective: to make a positive change to the world by helping people understand the value of their trash. 

Only by bringing people together and by showing them the benefits of a zero waste lifestyle, we will be able to reverse the negative impact humans have had on our beautiful planet over the past decades. 

We advocate an ecological lifestyle. Our main goal is to change people’s perception around waste through value & innovative designs & creations.

Responsibility of combining art and technology, we want to unlock the hidden potential of recycling. The objective is to make people understand the value of their trash. In doing so, we hope to teach more people about sustainability, recycling & upcycling.

As a company that develops and distributes recycled plastic products around the world, we are proud to join initiatives that underpin our commitment to responsible business practices and reinforce our culture of sustainability.

We use SEDEX/SMETA tools and audits with a view to continuous improvement, ensuring that our activities are based on ethical principles with respect for human and labour rights, as well as the environment, health and safety at work.

As Sedex members, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable supply chain.