Making your Design
come to life

Our drive for sustainability pushes us to constantly innovate, to find solutions to do things in a more environmental respectful way. 

ECO8 - Living design manufacture planks out of ocean bound and landfill bound plastic trash.

It’s not only about recycling. Our products are durable, cost-effective and need little to no maintenance. They’re even weatherproof, making it far more versatile and useful in many different environments

Available in any shade of color, stronger than wood, pestproof as well as UV radiation proof. 

Download our brochure for further information (eco8-living-design-2022.pdf, 10MB)

Recycled plastic planks
offer endless possibilities

Our recycled plastic planks feel and look like wood but it does not have the flaws associated to it. It requires no painting or staining and has minimal maintenance requirements throughout its 100+ year life.


Unbeatable features

Customizable to any colors without any paint additive and safe to be around. By adding a UV stabilizer compound in the manufacture process, we ensure that are products won't have any undesirable reaction to prolonged exposure to the sun. 



Recycled plastic planks furniture are highly durable and long-lasting. Unlike traditional wood furniture, it doesn't rot, decay, or suffer from insect damage. It also doesn't crack, splinter or absorb water, which makes it perfect for outdoor use. This means that recycled plastic lumber furniture requires less maintenance, saving you time and money in the long run.

Weather resistant

Incorporating a UV stabilizer into the production of outdoor recycled plastic furniture greatly improves its resistance to weathering and UV radiation,

Recycled plastic often has lower quality than virgin plastic. These compounds help to prevent the product from fading or breaking down quickly, even in outdoor settings exposed to UV rays.

Color stay Technlogy

After extensive research and development, we have discovered the optimal method for producing durable recycled plastic products.

This unique technique ensures that our products can withstand prolonged outdoor use without showing signs of fading.

Zero waste production

All the scraps and shavings from furniture manufacture are processed into new planks. 

We collaborate with local companies to supply our raw trash materials as well as to manufacture finished products. impacting on awareness and stimulating the economy within the local community. 

Cost effective 

The manufacturing process for recycled plastic lumber is simpler and less energy-intensive than the process used to create traditional lumber from trees, which minize our footprint during production. This helps reduce the need for virgin resources, which helps conserve the environment.

Additionally, recycled plastic lumber is highly durable and requires little to no maintenance, which can help to reduce long-term costs. Furthermore, it's resistant to rot, decay, termite, and marine borer, which is a huge plus.

Variety of style 

Recycled plastic planks come in a variety of colors and sizes, making it suitable for almost any kinds of projects, such as public spaces, high end hotel outdoor furnitures, store displays and more. It also can mimic the texture and color of natural wood.