We all know The Body Shop for their incredible range of anti-animal testing products.
Let’s also remember them for the steps they have taken to help protect the environment.

As a partnership, we are taking the plastic trash from their products & re-cycle it to create soap dishes & hand mirrors and many other cool items hopefully in the future..

We want to thank The Body Shop for stepping up and taking the action needed for a cleaner, better planet.

#The Mjolnir 

Every inch of this hammer and its crate has been carefully designed and constructed with either recycled materials, a green alternative  or has been custom hand carved. Mixing different recycling techniques using eCollabo8  knowledge and technologies. Creating a one-of-a-kind ecological weapon that stands to  educate, empower, and inspire all who witness it.

The lid of the box comes from a boat wreck, collected on Bali beaches and carved with Odin symbol as well as a traditional carving,  symbol of aesthetic beauty and synergy usually found in balinese temples. 

The rest of the box is made of plastic trash collected in the  ocean around Bali.  The hammer is made of 20 kilograms of plastic trash 

By using our molding technology, we are able to melt plastic at the exact temperature for it not to release toxins or chemical and give it any shape at all in the process. 

The rings on the handle are made of braided plastic bags,  the handle strap is made of cactus leather.  The balinese “Pepatran”, hand carved on a 925 silver sterling piece, provides protection and annihilate fear to completes the handle of the hammer to add a delicate to 

#local NGO 

MudFish is a local NGO empowering local children and their communities to say NO to single-use plastics by providing workshops and practical solutions to fight plastic pollution.

We collaborate with them to educate kids and organising awareness raising events with them. Check out our IG and MudFish website to learn more!