Design with purpose

Plastic injection molding has become one of the most popular manufacturing techniques, with low labor and a zero wastes production process.

Due to its durability, affordability, and multifaceted capabilities, plastic has become a commonly chosen material for industries and the consumer populous. Today, plastics can offer exceptional strength, luxurious feel, and compose products ranging from shirt buttons, combs, pocket mirrors, coasters, furnitures or any customs made part. 

At ECO8 we specialize in designing and creating recycled plastic molded products, giving a new life to plastic trash.

Our molding technologie make sure we are concisous in our recycling methods, the products created are of high quality and made to last for generations. without needing to be polished or clean, which makes sure we do not create micro plastics

The way we work is very simple, we create a 3D design with our client, then manufacture a mold with one of our partners and inject molten plastic into this mold. 

Able to produce over 1000 units per day, we can satisfy any demand and create any item.

Download our brochure for further information (eco8-B2B-2022.pdf, 15MB)

Any product can be made out of recycled plastic 


CRS initiatives strive to have a positive impact on the world through direct benefits to society, nature and the community in which a business operations. In addition, a company may experience internal benefits through the initiatives. Knowing their company is promoting good causes, employee satisfaction may increase and retention of staff may be strengthened. In addition, members of society may be more likely to choose to transact with companies that are attempting to make a more conscious positive impact beyond the scope of its business.


Our colloboration with BATES and SAMPOERNA Indonesia on these 100% recycled plastic billboards,  have been nominated for a Citra Pariwita Award in 2022 and had engagement with over 3.5 million people on social media.  

Once the campaign finished, we collected the billboards back and recycled them into merchandise for a low impact and zero trash generated.