We all know The Body Shop for their incredible range of anti-animal testing products. Let’s also remember them for the steps they have taken to help protect the environment. As a partnership, we are taking the plastic trash from their products & re-cycle it to create soap dishes & hand mirrors and many other cool items hopefully in the future..

We want to thank The Body Shop for stepping up and taking the action needed for a cleaner, better planet.

Sungai Watch is one of the real change makers out there, we are happy to be part of the movement and witnessing it getting bigger everyday. Sungai Watch created #trashbarrier to block plastic that goes to the ocean targeting 25 100 trash barriers by the end of 2021. Trash-Barriers are a physical barrier placed on a river or waterway to stop plastic pollution before it gets into our ocean.

They organize weekly clean ups every Friday. The community cleanups attract volunteers removing all of the aggregated debris blocking the trash barrier. And our team members join with great passion and devotion since September 2020. Since then, we joined 16 clean ups, and had the chance to connect with amazing change makers, both local and western.

Our strong ties with Sungai Watch allows us to investigate further to increase our capacity to recycle plastics everyday as part of our innovative environmental solutions.

We collaborated with Sungai Watch to create the first recycled plastic trash barriers! We are so proud that we managed to create highly functional solid trash barriers out of plastic bags backed up with upcycled materials. Now the plastic Sungai Watch collects from rivers saving the ocean from trash! 

We care about partnership and community equally in order to create the biggest impact towards a sustainable future and we are so happy about walking on this path with amazing people growing stronger ties based on collaboration, respect, and mutual goals. 


MudFish is a local NGO empowering local children and their communities to say NO to single-use plastics by providing workshops and practical solutions to fight plastic pollution.

We collaborate with them to educate kids and organising awareness raising events with them. Check out our IG and MudFish website to learn more!